Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Just a Click Away

So often you know what you’re looking for, but don’t know the designer. Or you may have a specific look in mind, but don’t know exactly what needs to be purchased to achieve it. Maybe, you’ve seen something on a television show or red carpet but can’t quite seem to remember if they were pear-shaped or round drop earrings.

With the invention and further expansion of the internet, the search is being narrowed! Some major magazines like People, InStyle, and Lucky already have tools on their websites that allow consumers to click on a celebrity image and learn more about what they’re wearing. Site like SeenOn.com and Like.com are taking the search an easy step forward.

Like.com does a “likeness” search so that if you’ve seen a great handbag or pair of shoes they’ll pull from a MASSIVE amount of internet knowledge and show similar items. A visual search is also available so when you see a pair of red platform pump you have to have, just go to shoes and color.

SeenOn.com offers a more celebrity centric approach with categories like TV, Movies, Music, Products and most specifically Celebrities and sub-categories for red carpets, network shows and so on. And those Oscar looks mentioned below, check them out here.

Update: JCK's Style360 blog does a thorough coverage of many of the women's fashions at the Oscars here.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

All or Nothing

When you buy jewelry, is it all part of a master plan, buying a whole suite or piece to complete a suite, or do you mix and match what you like and just “make it work”? Some people just have a flair for putting on anything, mixing and matching different brands, different metals, different stones . . . and making it look great! Meanwhile . . . everyone else is stuck working hard for an effortless look. What’s your style?

Many times on the red carpet, celebrities will wear one stand-out piece and maybe accent with a few smaller pieces. The Oscars are Sunday night, so we’ll see what the trend is this year. In the meantime, take a look back at Oscar red carpet fashions from the 1930’s all the way up to the past five years.

Friday, February 8, 2008

5 Days and Counting. . .

Less than one week and yet another holiday is upon us once again. For cup half empty guys Valentine’s Day can incite fear and dread, but for cup half full guys it’s seen as the perfect chance to redeem yourself after that Christmas gift bombed in front of her WHOLE, ENTIRE family. Who knew a deep fryer wasn’t on her list?!? Everyone loves chicken wings, right? And she may even use it to make you some chicken wings, meaning everybody wins! Right.

In a recent Jewelry.com survey, 50% of women expected to be disappointed this Valentine’s Day with the gift they received. In all fairness though, when asked what they really wanted, 50% also said diamond jewelry and we all know women don’t always ask for what they really want, so the guys aren’t completely to blame. In the survey, 90% of participants admitted that at some point they had bought themselves diamond jewelry for Valentine’s Day in the past. So maybe it just that expectations are high, but never verbalized, or that guys are just focused on practicality and function (and really, nothing will make your life better than getting her something she loves), or maybe it’s a combination.

This time around it might be best to stick to the list, and if she doesn’t have one, all Fink’s Jewelers are stocked with wish lists cards to make life a little easier.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Seeing Stars. . .

Sometimes we see stars. Real, live stars hanging around Fink's events and employees. We hadn’t mentioned it? That’s cause we know how to play it cool, or at least hide our excitement until the photo is taken.

Short Pump’s Vicki Robinson with John Travolta:

MacArthur Center Manager Dan Schaffer with John Travolta:

SouthPark’s Anna Gordon with Rusty Wallace:

Watch Buyer Mitch Skaggs with Tiger Woods: