Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Designer Spotlight: John Hardy

Legend of the Dragon

John Hardy’s Naga collection debuted in 2008 and is reaching back to those roots for inspiration for the newest pieces in 2010. Every John Hardy collection tells a story, and Naga is no different; meaning “dragon,” the Naga collection draws inspiration from many Balinese myths that revere the dragon as a symbol of prosperity and good luck. The fall 2010 Naga Lava collection features the same dragon motif, but with Art Deco influences coming through in the pave set stones that come in lots of bright colors. This colorful update to an old favorite makes it easy to fall in love with John Hardy’s collections, whether it’s for the first time, or all over again.

Background on John Hardy jewelry

When artist and designer John Hardy visited Bali in 1975, it set in motion important events that many jewelry boxes are forever grateful for. In Bali, Hardy found himself inspired by the local artisans work, and the environment from which it was inspired. He began to devise new ways to incorporate the ancient Balinese craft into a modern and sustainable line of jewelry for the 21st century. Through his innovative new twists on ancient designs, John Hardy jewelry was born in 1989. Bali continues to be a stronghold of inspiration for Hardy, who now lives there full time. It’s clear through his designs, and the way his jewelry gives back to the land that it comes from (with bamboo seedlings being planted for every piece from his bamboo collection) that Hardy holds a deep respect and commitment to Bali, and regards his jewelry as much more than just a decoration, but as a story and tribute to the Balinese culture from which it was born.

Don’t forget, Guy Bedarida, head designer and creative director at John Hardy, will be visiting our Norfolk store at MacArthur Center on Thursday, November 4th. Come hear Guy talk about his beginnings and inspirations, and shop pieces made exclusively for his public appearances that can’t be found anywhere else!

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Friday, October 1, 2010

From a Fink's Customer

To: SouthPark
Subject: Fw: My journey at Fink's

Mr Fink

I would like to thank you for an excellent product and superior customer service!

On my journey to find the perfect engagement ring for my girlfriend, I had feelings of doubt and worry. Financially, I am not in the best of conditions and really wanted to impress my girlfriend with a wonderful ring. I have been searching online and in stores for over two months, counting down to the day I planned to propose. Other jewelry stores I have visited have left a bad taste in my mouth about jewelry companies. I felt as though if I wasn't spending enough money then I didn't matter. When I have been assisted by many sales reps, I felt a change in tone when I told them what my budget was. Some have tried to talk me into a price I knew I could not afford.

When I came to Fink's, I felt a calmness come over me with the way I was treated. I spoke to Joy (Davis) the very first day and still had a paradigm of no self worth when I came in. She seemed busy, but quickly assisted me. She took the time to educate me and explain how Fink's product was different. From the patented cut to the all around quality of your product. She spent a lot of time with me even though other customers were there.

I told her the day I wanted to propose and she got on the phone to get some price quotes and scheduled a transfer for a diamond from another store. She explained she would be on vacation, but would have someone assist me with the final purchase. Joy called me discreetly in respect, not to alert my girlfriend.

I returned to the store on Thursday with the mindset to tell them I still wanted to wait and make up my mind later, but when I saw the diamond Donna (Hilfiger) presented to me I was amazed at the quality! I was so use to telling other jewelry stores I will be back and always had an indecisive feeling. I had the same experience from Donna and Joann (Quann) that I had with Joy. Donna made sure to tell other customers she was currently assisting me and she would be with them afterward, which made me fell appreciated! I did a credit app and was approved. Joann was working in the office and explained my monthly payment and the importance of paying on time.

I always appreciate good customer service. Your staff at Southpark mall is above anything I ever expected! They are genuinely helpful and passionate about what they do. I thank you for company. As far as I am concerned, you have the king of all jewelry stores! Thank you for turning my nightmare into a dream come true!

PS I will be back to buy her wedding band.

Thanks for everything!