Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Jewelry Shopping in the Digital Age

There is a lot of talk in the jewelry industry about the merits of shopping online versus shopping in stores. Most retailers are on one side of the argument or the other based on how their store operates. Fink's is different from so many of our competitors because of our approach to both.

The relationship between our stores and our website is part of what helps Fink's provide a unique shopping experience for our customers. Because we've been in business for almost 80 years, we have the benefit of a long-standing reputation in our communities. Our customers are familiar with our quality and trust our service.

So many retailers discourage their customers from shopping with online retailers because the competition is fierce; there's always someone willing to sell consumers something at a rock-bottom price. The quality of the merchandise is questionable and there's no support when customers need service, repairs, or sizing.

What makes the Fink's Jewelers online customer experience so different is that our merchandise is backed by long-standing vendor relationships and the knowledge and experience of our buyers and staff.

When Fink's customers choose to shop online, they get peace of mind from shopping with a reputable company. The eCommerce department offers personalized services on all orders, including gift wrapping and personal shopping. Returns and special orders are handled promptly and customers enjoy quick responses to emails and phone calls.

These days, it's not uncommon for customers to browse our website before visiting our stores no matter how many times they've shopped with us before. Knowing this, we update products and prices on our website daily. Our online inventory has grown from about 300 items a year ago to now almost 2000 pieces of jewelry. Shoppers know they can't find everything they want in each store, so our website lets them see an expanded selection of merchandise whenever they want. It makes it so easy for customers to come to our stores ready to buy. Our sales staff in our stores work with our eCommerce department to create the best experience for every Fink's customers.

When Fink's customers prefer to shop in our stores, they enjoy the convenience of browsing large merchandise selections from some of their favorite designers. From our website, they can request to see an item in a store nearby, then try it on buy it when it's convenient. No matter how you prefer to shop, we're certain that you'll be pleasantly surprised with everything Fink's has to offer.


Prior to joining Fink's Jewelers as eCommerce Manager a year ago, Denise Stanley owned an advertising agency in Roanoke, VA. She can be found Twittering and Facebooking about daily. She enjoys being mommy to her two fantastic daughters.