Friday, March 25, 2011

New for Spring from John Hardy

This spring, John Hardy releases the newest addition to the popular Kali collection. This new collection, called Kali Arus, uses the smoothed river rock design of the original Kali motif and blends it with the organic shape of Bali's flowing rivers and streams. The high-polished silver of the stone pattern is contrasted with the deep oxidation in the grooves between stones, resulting in a beautifully simple yet stunning piece that speaks volumes about the Balinese home that it was inspired by.

This set of two stackable rings personifies the Kali Arus collection. Each has its own shape, yet they fit perfectly together, just like the pebbles that line the river beds of Bali. Set of two - $295

These slim hoop earrings have the same gentle undulation as the quiet streams of Bali, yet still make a beautiful statement with designs on both the inside and outside of the hoop. $395

Unlike the stackable rings and hoop earrings, this drop necklace makes a more powerful statement. While the same smoothness and flow is felt in the design, the size and shape pay tribute to the true power of the waters of Bali.

Like the set of rings, this set of 3 bangles is stackable. Worn separately, one bangle ads a simple and quiet refinement, but worn together, all three bangles make a beautiful yet bold statement piece. Set of 3 - $595

The Kali Arus collection from John Hardy will be available in all stores by Tuesday, March 29th!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Top Trends: 2011 Academy Awards

The Oscars is known for being the awards season closer; the biggest, the best, and definitely the most glamourous. Let's take a look at the 3 biggest jewelry trends that were seen on the 2011 Oscars red carpet.

Playful Jewelry

Natalie Portman's tassel earrings were a bold statement piece that more than made up for her bare neckline, and the eye catching movement kept everyone's attention. These beaded tassel earrings from Honora come in a variety of colors, and they're sure to bring a little extra fun to any evening out! Come see them in person at one of our 17 stores, or check them out at!
Image by Honora.

LA: The New Emerald City
There was no shortage of color on the red carpet last night, and emerald was definitely favored by all attendees. Reese Witherspoon sported stunning emerald drop earrings and matching ring, and Amy Adams wore a bold emerald drop necklace against her deep sapphire gown. Fink's has emerald styles that range from the simplest studs, to unforgettable show stoppers, like the emerald and diamond ring shown at left.

Classic Diamonds & Gold

Despite all the kicky styles and colors, some stars kept it simple without sacrificing any of the wow factor. Jennfier Hudson managed to support more than 1000 total carats of diamonds on her tiny new body, including a classic tennis bracelet. Teen queen Selena Gomez wore a gold and diamond cuff bracelet, similar to the Roberto Coin Granada bracelet, featured to the right. You'll never go wrong when you stick to the classics!