Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I'm Not Really a Jewelry Person

About every other time I tell someone that I work for Fink's, they will sheepishly tell me, "I'm not really a jewelry person." Last week I heard a story from a friend about someone who had recently gotten engaged. When the time came to get her ring, the bride-to-be went to a local department store and picked out the ring of her dreams. I understand where she's coming from, no need to spend thousands of dollars on an extravagant ring because her tastes are simple.

Most likely her purchase didn't come with much education about the stone or the metal, proper cleaning and care, and what to expect as part of normal wear. When her fiancé bought the ring she'd picked out, it's even less likely that he heard any of the details about warranties or guaranties as excited as he was about his purchase.

Fast forward to the day she notices that her ring keeps catching on her clothes. The clerk at the department store doesn't seem very sympathetic to her story, he suggests she take it to a jeweler. Frustrated, she wears the ring home and decides to be extra careful when she wears it, nervous that taking it to a jeweler might result in some inflated or unnecessary charges for repairs. She's already missing one very important factor: Trust.

Even more frustrating is what could happen next. A few months after the bent prong started catching on her clothes, it finally breaks. One weekend at the beach, she notices that her diamond is missing and she's heartbroken! As soon as they get back home, she goes back to the department store and tells the salesperson about what happened, only to learn that the manufacturer has gone out of business and they can't order another ring like the one she'd picked for her engagement ring. Of course, the department store doesn't have a policy to replace the diamond — she's lost the money they spent and the ring of her dreams. Now she's even more disappointed in what her purchase was lacking: Service. *

You don't have to be a "jewelry" person to appreciate what Fink's Jewelers offers. Our sales associates are trained to understand diamonds and metals in order to inform and empower our customers. No matter how small or large the stone and setting, our customers are treated to the same process of discovering the diamond in their ring. Even the smallest diamond has dazzling distinctions of clarity, color, cut and carat weight for the owner to understand.

Our Diamond Guarantee adds exceptional value to every purchase. By bringing their ring back to our locations for a regular complimentary inspection, our customers get the benefit of being aware of any issues which may arise before they become problematic. And if they ever lose their diamond from the setting, we'll replace it for them. (Read about Fink's Diamond Guarantee here.)

At Fink's we always want to work within your budget. We offer diamond engagement jewelry to suit even the most modest tastes and we can always design something just for you if you don't see something in the case. And every diamond we sell meets our Superior Quality Diamond standards. You don't need to sacrifice service and trust to feel like you've made the wisest choice for your budget and tastes. Not everyone can be a "jewelry" person, but we believe that we can help you be a "value" person and a "trust" person when it comes to diamond jewelry.

* While this may seem like an unfair portrayal of a department store purchase, it can actually be a very likely portrayal of a jewelry purchase made anywhere. Jewelry must be cared for and maintained properly to avoid damage and loss. A jewelry purchase that doesn't come with education about care, cleaning, and regular inspection can easily turn out like this one, no matter how much the item cost.


Prior to joining Fink's Jewelers as eCommerce Manager a year ago, Denise Stanley owned an advertising agency in Roanoke, VA. She can be found Twittering and Facebooking about Finks.com daily. She enjoys being mommy to her two fantastic daughters.