Wednesday, September 24, 2008

John Hardy Month at Fink’s Jewelers

by Tammy Cox, Fink’s Jewelers, Sales Associate, Short Pump Town Center, Richmond, VA

September was John Hardy Month at Fink’s Jewelers’ Richmond stores. If you’ve stopped by lately you may have noticed the new John Hardy images on the wall and the huge selection of John Hardy pieces on display. To wrap up this focus month in style, Saturday, October 4th Fink’s Jewelers Short Pump Town Center is hosting an event with John Hardy Head Designer Guy Bedarida and we couldn’t be more excited! All three Richmond stores have come together to focus on John Hardy’s vision and BEAUTIFUL new designs this fall. Lucky for us, Guy is personally coming to unveil the new collections and even previewing one-of-a-kind pieces from the Cinta Collection!

Some of the collections being featured are the Bamboo, Naga, Langit and the list goes on! The Bamboo Collection is a tribute to the beauty, strength and versatility of bamboo, the noble tree-like grass that has been called “nature’s gift to mankind.” This collection depicts bamboo saplings and leaf shoots in a new design evolution. In staying true to the philosophy of sustainable luxury, each piece from the Bamboo Collection has the number of bamboo planted stamped inside.

The Naga Collection is not for the faint of heart! The naga is the cosmic dragon found in ancient cultures throughout the world. In Chinese Mythology and throughout much of Asia, the universe is supported by two entwined nagas, an expression of positive and negative forces. The naga symbolizes the life force that brings health and prosperity. This collection is truly a must see!

The Langit Collection is a new twist on the Silver Chain Diamond Pavé Collection and is just plain gorgeous. Each piece is delicate and bold at the same time.

Of course all this is just a preview, I’m sure the real deal will be a sight to see!

Tammy has been with Fink’s jewelers for fours years and in the jewelry industry for over 25 years. She is the John Hardy Store Captain for the Short Pump Town Center location of Fink’s Jewelers and has a bench work and custom design background.

Friday, September 12, 2008

The Big Bad Ball

by Carlos Colmenero, Fink's Jewelers, Store Manager at The Streets at Southpoint, Durham, NC

There is nothing like a night out on the town! The first event I was able to attend for Fink’s was the Hospice of Wake County’s “Big Bad Ball” hosted by the Capital City Club in downtown Raleigh. Talk about electricity! The club occupies the entire top floor of the Progress Energy Building! That’s one thing I love about working for Fink’s Jewelers. Marc Fink really wants us involved in the community. He told me on my first day I needed to find something that I believed in, that I could be a part of and help to make a difference. Anyway, I’m digressing…..back to the Big Bad Ball. The name says it all. As a manager, I am fortunate to attend a variety of events. They all have great causes and many are for charities that help the community. The Big Bad Ball is one that takes it to another level.

The first year I attended, I remember Adriane Karlinski from our Triangle Town Center store giving me a call to ask if I would like tickets for my wife and me to attend. Of course I had heard about it from years past and immediately said yes! Since then, I have been looking forward to it every year. It’s a black tie event and when walking down the hall of the Progress Energy Building in downtown Raleigh, YOU FEEL THE ENERGY! You are always greeted with a smile… $125 a ticket you should be…but they spare no expense. Up to the top floor you go. There you are greeted with champagne and again a smile.

Another great thing for both the Hospice of Wake County and Fink’s is that we earn a Platinum Sponsorship which means Fink’s commits to donating over $10,000 to Hospice. This year, for example, we have partnered with Breitling for the event to provide two luxury timepieces.

Every year as I survey the attendants, everyone looks sharp. When I first arrive I like to see what we are donating on display. Adriane, who I mentioned earlier, is responsible for the event for Fink’s, and has been working hand in hand with the Hospice of Wake County on the pieces we are raffling. Everyone who purchased a ticked is eligible to win. When you get there, you tear off your ticket stub and throw it in the bucket. Like I mentioned, Breitling is our 2008 partner and I can’t wait to see what will be won!

Time to hit the silent auction tables; so many things for auction; I have to keep my wife from taking us to the poor house! Oh well, it’s for a great cause! From autographed basketballs and footballs to Hurricane jerseys and trips to Mexico, the silent auction has it all. I’m telling you…..there are literally over 1000 pieces up for bid! There is even a local artist who creates a masterpiece before your eyes.

After tearing my wife away from the spa and beauty table we head over to check out the food. This is what I look forward to the most. The buffet at this event puts any buffet in Vegas to shame…no joke! And the music, oh the music. They have live bands
and I have a good friend who usually plays the keyboard in one of the bands, so I go visit him for a few. Meanwhile the countdown is on for the silent auction…which means we are only minutes away from the main event (and I’ve lost my wife again). I guess I could be a little biased when it comes to this part of the event…mainly because we are involved. Time for the magic!

Everyone gathers around the podium. With windows all around, you can see Raleigh in all its splendor….The winner of the Breitling watches are…? I guess you’ll have to attend this year if you want to know, it could be you!

Time to get another bite to eat and hit the dance floor. I’m not even sure what time the event ends since it has outlasted me the past 4 years. Sincerely though, the event is a great time. The part that I like best is that everyone has a great time
and it helps support a wonderful cause. My grandfather was in need of hospice care but where he lived it wasn’t offered. A true shame. To help an organization like the Hospice of Wake County is not only part of the job…but a pleasure!

For more information or to join in on this year’s Big Bad Ball, click here.

Carlos has been in the jeweler industry for 12 years and will be celebrating his 6th year with Fink's this October. He and his beautiful wife Lori have been married for 10 years and have a superstar son, Kobe and a soon-to-be daughter, Avery.